Digital Editions: What's the Difference?

In addition to print editions, many of our titles are now available as digital e-books—PDF, Kindle and ePUB. Which format is right for you?

  • PDF is best for viewing on your computer (Windows or Mac) and offers the most universal compatibility. Most e-book readers will also let you view PDFs.
  • The Kindle format (technically referred to as the "Mobipocket" format) is for those of you who own Amazon's Kindle e-book reader. It doesn't matter which particular Kindle you have—the original Kindle, Kindle DX, Kindle Fire, etc. If your device is a Kindle, that's the format you want.
  • The ePUB format is the industry standard for most other e-book readers. If you own a Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, or most any of the other available e-book devices, the ePUB format is likely the format you want.